Do Missouri Skunks Burrow in the Ground?

Aside from their obnoxious-smelling spray that they use to defend against predators, their digging can also cause serious damages. The Springfield skunks will be digging holes due to different reasons. The shallow holes can be a sign of their hunting adventure while the deeper holes will be their burrows. Once you discover the skunk’s hole in your yard, you will have to act fast to avoid the impending damages.

How to Determine the Skunk’s Burrow
The Springfiel skunks found in the rural and woodland regions will usually build their burrows under the culvert, hollows of the logs, and under the piles of rocks and woods. When this nuisance creature moved in your residential community, their tunneling habit may lead to several destructions. Skunks tend to build burrows near the foundation that can compromise the structure.

An Abandoned Burrow
While skunks will dig their own burrow, they will also take over the abandoned burrow of other animals such as moles and woodchucks. They will typically use this burrow to rest, remain safe from the predators, and to raise their baby skunks. The burrow is consists of different chambers that serve specific purpose. It will also have multiple entry/exit holes that will give them different options to escape when they are attack by the predator.

Burrow or Holes
As aforementioned, the skunk will be digging holes to create den or to search for insects on the ground. The hole that is used for hunting can be encountered during the summer season up to the early weeks of fall. The hole can be around 1-3in diameter. On the other hand, the burrow can be about 8in in terms of diameter. It will also be a lot deeper.

Problems that May Caused by the Skunk Holes
The skunks are armed with sharp claws that they will be used for digging. When the skunks are located in the urban areas, they will create burrows under our houses, decks, sheds, and porch. They can also be found under slabs of concrete. Due to this behavior, our house will incur several damages as time passes by. They are also considered pest especially on golf courses, gardens, and lawns.

How to Remove the Skunks in Your Property
In order to prevent the skunks from denning in your property, you will need to eliminate the entire potential place for their den. Trim the grasses and shrubs that they can use to conceal their movement. Store the piles of wood, brush, and rocks above ground. You may also introduce fencing all over your premises since the skunks are not excellent climbers.

A burrow in your house can be a sign of an active skunk infestation. They can release a spray that can cause temporary blindness. A skunk can also bite or scratch you if they are cornered. Remember that skunks are primary carrier of the rabies virus. If a skunk is showing signs of being rabid, it is advised to stay away from them. Ask the professionals to handle the removal process.

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