Will Missouri Raccoons Use Tools

The scientists used to believe that using tools is a behavior that can only be encountered among humans. However, based on the latest study, there are different animals in the wild that are perfectly capable of using tools. Experts believe that by investigating how these traits developed among animals, it will help us understand how these skills originated among humans. One of the animals that can manipulate tools would be the raccoon.

How Springfield Raccoons Use Tools
It is no longer surprising that raccoons can use tools. They are among the smartest animals in the wild just below the chimpanzees. Raccoons will be using the available tools that will help them keep things more manageable. Raccoons are crafty; they can build tunnels that will help them access our basement. They can also steal the foods of our pets and our personal belongings.

Using Tools When Hunting
Springfield raccoons will use tools when they are hunting or killing their prey. However, it will not be the complex tools that you are thinking. Their tools can as simple as a rock. Since the raccoon’s hand will be similar to ape and humans, this granted them the capacity to utilize tools. The raccoons will be using rocks when they are killing snakes. Since the snakes have soft skull, the raccoons can easily smash their head using rocks.

The Hand of the Raccoon
Apart from the intelligence of the raccoon, their ability use tools can be attributes with the design of their hand. They have sensitive hands but they do not have an opposable thumb that makes it impossible for them to hold things with their one hand. They will be using their forepaws when lifting and manipulating tools. They are also problem solvers that help them adapt on a range of situation.

How Raccoons Develop Their Hand
You are probably wondering how the raccoon developed their hand. They have evolved along the banks of the lake and the river of South America. They will be using their paw when they are looking for the hidden stash of food. Fingers of the raccoon are also equipped with pads. It comes with a mechanoreceptor cells that can detect various stimulus such as the sudden change in the pressure. With the animal’s ability to sense things using their forepaws, they will be able to interpret various things using their hand. It also allows them to use basic tools to make their life a lot simpler.

Animals will use different tools when hunting, recreation and grooming themselves. Different types of animals from the primates to the sea creatures can manipulate tools. Thanks to the intelligence and the design of the raccoon’s hand, they can use tools to make their life more manageable. Nonetheless, a raccoon in your yard can still cause too much trouble. They can destroy our insulation and collect various materials in our house when creating their nest. To avoid this, you need to restrict their access from your house by using chimney cap and hardware cloth.

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